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Syöte-Huvilat Oy
Syötekuja 3
43250 Kolkanlahti
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puh: 014-439 700
fax: 014-439 701

Syöte-Huvilat Oy

"We have been able to realize our customer's dreams of a secluded place where they can listen to the leap of the waves - a place whose unbroken peace flits through the mind in the midst of busy workday."

For 30 years we have had the pleasure of contributing to the comfortable living and recreation of people in Finland and elsewhere. Each year more and more families decide to spend their next Christmas in their own log house, which as such is a natural dwelling and easily provides a warm Christmas atmosphere.

Our commitment to reliable and flexible ways of operation is manifested in our growing export sales. More than half of our production is exported. Most of the houses go to Japan, but products are well represented in Dutch, German and Greek market, too.

Syöte Huvilat is a family-owned company. Our manufacturing plant is located in the middle of the best pine wood areas in Finland. Rigorous testing that precedes the purchase of the raw material ensures that only the highest quality raw material is used. With the careful selection of the raw material of the log houses we can ensure even, high quality.

Our log range consists of planed, laminated and round logs, which we process at our own plant from raw wood to dimensionally accurate logs ready to be erected. We are able to monitor the quality through the various production stages and supply a complete log house to the customer's exact specifications and at desired delivery times.

We shall be pleased to tell you more about our products. You are also warmly welcome to visit our plant in Saarijärvi, Finland.

Come and get your dream house from us!